Consulting and Strategies

Almost every day in current activities of any company there is a need for making decisions on a range of legal issues that may subsequently affect the competitiveness and profitability of business.

Many years of practice in business activity shows that success of any project depends on proper legal  support of it. Professional development of strategy, identification of risks, determination of ways of  overcoming risks  are key points of successful achieving the goals of business.

Lawyers of  LAW NET provide expert legal assistance to legal entities and businessmen in making legal significant decisions, including the following support:

  • Oral and written legal advice on any legal matters;
  • Development of individual legal schemes for optimal solving ofl legal and economic tasks of client;
  • Analysis of legal risks, identification of effective ways to eliminate or minimize risks;
  • Legal audit of client’s  documents and records.

    Managing Partner. Attorney at Law

    International Arbitration; Corporate Law; Commercial Law; Civil Law; Contract Law; Tax Consulting; Real Estate; Disputes and Litigation; Immigration Law


    Lawyer. Attorney at Law

    Legal Consulting; Commercial Law; Corporate Law; Contract Law; Tax Consulting; Intellectual Property; Real Estate; Civil Law; Litigation; International Arbitration


    Lawyer. Attorney at Law

    Legal Consulting; Contract Law; Dispute settlement; Litigation