Preparing Contracts

Contract is an agreement of two or more parties aimed at the establishment, modification or termination of civil rights and obligations. Entering into any contract, the parties should be aware that a certain amount of rights and obligations shall be assigned to them under the contract.

In order to avoid negative consequences, qualified lawyers should execute drafting contract as property damage or loss of profits often are the result of unprofessional and hasty approach to preparing the text of the agreement including the use of standard contracts from reference resources or Internet. Use of standard forms of contracts by legal and physical entities does not provide full protection of the rights and interests of the parties, because signing standard contract, the party is deprived of possibility to take into account individual needs and assurance that the standard form is correct at the date of contract conclusion and is made according to current legislation.

Qualified lawyers of LAW NET company while drafting contract will take into account all the requests of the client and will prepare such a contract complying both with current legislation and commercial interests of the client.

Within the direction specified the lawyers of  LAW NET provides the following services:

  • determining the specific type of contract required in each situation;
  • implementing a comprehensive legal support during pre-contractual negotiations, at concluding, performance, modification stages and termination of contracts;
  • drafting contracts and other documents (additional agreements, addendums, etc.);
  • drafting external economic agreements and contracts;
  • mandatory consideration while drafting contracts provisions of applicable tax laws to minimize the tax burden;
  • advice on contracts for the most favorable conditions;
  • testing of possible observations on the conditions of the contractor, preparation of recommendations;
  • comprehensive maintenance of contractual relations of business entities.

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    Lawyer. Attorney at Law

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