Permanent Residence Permit

Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Legal Status of Foreigners and Persons without Citizenship" dated 22.09.2011, № 3773-VI stipulates that foreigners and persons without citizenship are allowed to immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence under the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration" dated 07.06. 2001, № 2491-III.

Immigration permit is granted to certain categories of immigrants according to the given legal act and is confirmed by a permanent residence permit. The order of issue of a permanent residence permit and other matters related to the immigration of foreigners and persons without citizenship are determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration” as well.

The main advantages of permanent residence permit obtaining for foreign nationals should be highlighted here: no need for a visa to enter Ukraine (for citizens from countries for which visa is set to enter the territory of Ukraine), terms of stay in Ukraine are not limited by the periods of short-term stay in Ukraine (90 to 180 days from the date of first entry), no need for work permit for legal employment of a foreigner and the lack of restrictions on combining positions conditioned by work permit and other benefits.

Specificity is that an obtaining a permanent residence permit requires certain grounds specified by law (the foreign citizen must meet certain criteria to be able to get a permit for permanent residence).

Law Net company provides consulting and services on obtaining permanent residence permit in Ukraine for the following categories of immigrants:


  • Persons who are brother or sister, grandfather, grandmother, or grandchild of citizens of Ukraine;
  • Persons who previously were the citizens of Ukraine;
  • Parents, husband (wife) of immigrant and his under age children;
  • One of the spouses if the other spouse whom he married more than two years is a citizen of Ukraine, children and parents of citizens of Ukraine as well. 


The documents required to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine may vary depending on which criterion a foreign citizen is entitled to receive the specified permit and may be supplemented by documents that specify the grounds for an immigration permit unless it is not contrary to the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration". If necessary, the regional offices that provide immigration proceedings may invite applicants or other persons for an  interview.