The modern business entity usually is business organization, its owners, members, shareholders are given a set of rights to manage it and get the financial results of its operations and so on.

Thus, individual rights of a person, which share is determined by the proportion of the share capital of a business organization, including the eligibility of persons to participate in the management of a business organization, a certain percentage of profits (dividends) of the organization and assets in case of liquidation of the latter in accordance with law and other powers provided by law and statutory documents are corporate rights. Relations which arise, change and terminate on corporate rights are corporate relations.

Basic provisions on corporate relations are contained in the Commercial and Civil Code of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies", "On Business Associations", "On Securities and the Stock Market" and a number of regulations. The order of corporate rights realization are generally regulated in detail by the law and statutory documents, which often contains gaps and mutual contradictions. In connection with above mentioned the effective management of corporate relationships requires skilled legal support.


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    Lawyer. Attorney at Law

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