Management of Business Entities

decision-making on activity of business entity and executing control as well as distribution of rights and obligations between the company and its shareholders regarding management of the company.

Effective corporate governance system of business entity which purpose is to provide adequate attention to the interests of shareholders, the balance of influence and balance of the interests of corporate relations participants, establishing rules for effective management and proper control, increases competitiveness and economic efficiency of the company.

Within the specified direction lawyers of LAW NET company provide the following services:

  • Development of company management strategy, execution of analysis of existing company management system;
  • Development and implementation of organizational structure of the company;
  • Development of internal corporate documents (statutory documents, acts of management bodies, regulations, instructions, rules, etc.);
  • Implementation of measures aimed at improving the skills of management personnel and staff of the company;
  • Development and implementation of control systems of decision completion;
  • Advising on corporate management issues.

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