Mergers and Acquisitions

In a broad sense mergers and acquisitions are one of the ways within the business forced development strategy. Mergers and acquisitions usually are divided into two groups: friendly and unfriendly. Friendly acquisition is considered to be the acquisition in which both parties have an interest in implementing acquisitions or at least do not object it, have agreed on the essential terms of acquisitions, including the assessment of the company absorbed and calculations. Unfriendly acquisition does not meet the specified criteria and is usually characterized by the presence of one of the parties of non-market mechanisms of influence on the other party.

In any case execution of mergers and acquisitions includes legal registration of corresponding agreement, the implementation of registration procedures for attaching the results of the reorganization of legal entities, legal support of payments, settlement of the disputes relating to mergers and acquisitions, including throygh the court procedure. It is necessary to emphasize legal support of protection against unfriendly acquisitions.

Law Net company provides the following services on mergers and acquisitions:

  • Conducting legal due diligence;
  • Provision of verbal and written advice on the restructuring of companies, preparation of draft documents necessary for the reorganization of enterprises;
  • Legal Risk Assessment of  the client in the case of acquisition of other business entities;
  • Support of transactions of sale-purchase of corporate rights;
  • Support of corporate restructuring (transformations, mergers, joining, division, separation, change of participants structure);
  • Representation of client’s interests during negotiations for the mergers and acquisitions;
  • Other services relating to legal support for the mergers and acquisitions.

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