Settlement of Corporate Disputes

Corporate dispute is a dispute arising regarding material relationships between the participants of corporate relations for the acquisition, implementation and termination of their corporate rights and interests. In simplified form corporate disputes are the disputes between owners, members, shareholders of business organization on its management, receiving financial results of its activity, the implementation of other corporate rights.

In Ukraine corporate disputes are subject to jurisdiction of commercial courts in particular the cases arising out of corporate relations in disputes between the business entity and its shareholder (founder), including the shareholder who left, and between shareholders (founders) of the companies associated with the establishment, activity, management and termination of operation of this company with the exception of labor disputes.

The most common categories of corporate disputes are disputes:

  • on invalidation of the decisions made by the general meeting of shareholders of the company;
  • on the share in the authorized capital;
  • on invalidation of the Charter of the company;
  • on the amendments to the constituent documents;
  • on provision of information on the activity of the company;
  • on the payment of dividends;
  • on recovery of the cost of the part of the company in proportion to the share of the shareholder in the authorized capital of the company;
  • related to leaving and exclusion of the shareholder from the company, the transfer of the share of the shareholder in the authorized capital of the company.

Successful settlement of corporate disputes in the pretrial and trial procedure requires the participation of a qualified lawyer. In the area of ​​settlement of corporate conflicts Law Net company renders its clients the following services:

  • Verbal and written advice on the prevention of corporate disputes;
  • Legal analysis of a conflict, development of protection strategies;
  • Pre-trial settlement of corporate disputes;
  • Representation of the client in negotiations between the parties of the conflict;
  • Representation of the client in courts of all instances and other state bodies and institutions with the purpose of qualified protection of the rights and interests of the client during corporate dispute.

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