Setting up Business

Law Net company specializes in establishing legal entities by foreign shareholders – physical and legal entities. The spectrum of services provided comprises preparation of all documents, including those which should be prepared abroad, obtaining all necessary permits and certificates, including work permits for foreign employees, consultations on all aspects related to the foreign investments into Ukraine.


Registration of private businessmen

  • consultations on choosing the system of taxation;
  • providing information about current rates of single tax according to the specific kind of activity;
  • state registration of private businessman;
  • registration in tax authorities, statistic authority and state funds;
  • receiving of permission for manufacturing of seal and receiving of seal itself;
  • opening of bank accounts.

Registration and re-registration of companies in Ukraine

  • consultations regarding establishment and registration of companies of all organizational forms;
  • drafting of documents for registration of the companies;
  • reservation of the company’s name;
  • state registration of enterprises including with foreign investments;
  • registration in tax authorities, statistics authority and all state funds;
  • receiving of permission for seal manufacturing and receiving the seal;
  • opening of temporary bank account, re-registration of the company’s temporary account into a permanent one;
  • registration of any kind of changes into amendments of the company’s constituent documents;
  • transfer of companies from one district of Kyiv to another;
  • registration of foreign investments, contributed into the company’s Authorized capital.

Registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine

  • consultations regarding registration of representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine;
  • preparation of documents, necessary for rendering registration and organization of business of representative office in Ukraine;
  • receiving certificate of incorporation in the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  • registration in tax authorities and all necessary authorities;
  • opening of bank accounts.