Charitable Organizations

The concept of charitable organization is defined by the Law of Ukraine "On Charity and Charitable Organizations" - a legal entity of private law, its founding documents define charity in one or more areas defined by this Act, as the objective of its activities;

The purpose of charitable organizations may not be receiving and distribution of profits among the founders, members of government and other related entities, and also among the employees of such organizations.

Charitable organizations determine their scope, types, location (territory), dates and beneficiaries of charitable activities in the founding documents of charitable programs or other decisions of government.

Founders of charitable organizations may be capable individuals and entities other than public authorities, local governments and other entities of public law.

Charitable Organization can be created in the following forms:

1. Charitable Association – is a charitable organization set up by two founders at least and acting under the Articles of Association.

2. Charitable Institution – is a charitable organization, its constituent act defines the assets that one or more founders transfer to achieve charitable activities at the expense of such assets and / or income from those assets. Constitutive Act of the charitable institutions may be contained in the will. The founder or founders of charitable institutions do not participate in the management of charitable organization. Charitable Institution operates under the Statutory Act.

3. Charitable Foundation – is a charitable organization which operates under the Articles, has members and is operated by members who are not obliged to transfer this organization any assets for the purposes of charitable activity. Foundation can be established by one or more founders. Assets of Foundation can be formed by the members and / or other benefactors.

Charitable organizations acquire rights and obligations of a legal entity since their registration.


Download Procedure of state registration of charitable organization in Ukraine