Support of Investment

Registration of foreign investments in Ukraine

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Foreign Investment" foreign investment is the value invested by foreign investors in investment objects in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine with the purpose of gaining profit or achievement of social impact.

Foreign investment can be made in the form of:

  • foreign currency recognized as convertible by the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Ukraine's currency - according to the legislation of Ukraine;
  • any movable or immovable property and related property rights;
  • stocks, bonds, other securities and corporate rights (property rights (share) in the authorized capital of a legal entity established under the legislation of Ukraine or the legislation of other countries) expressed in convertible currency;
  • any intellectual property rights with the value in convertible currency is confirmed in accordance with the laws (procedures) of the investor's country or international trade practice, and confirmed by expert assessment in Ukraine including copyrights legalized at the territory of Ukraine, rights for inventions, utility models, industrial models, marks for goods and services, know -how, etc.;
  • other values ​​in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

According to the procedure of state registration (re-registration) of foreign investment and its cancellation, approved by the Enactment of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 6, 2013 № 139 for state registration of foreign investments the following documents shall be submitted:

  • Information notice in three copies with a mark of territorial authority of the Ministry of income and taxes at the location of investment on their actual implementation;
  • documents confirming the form of foreign investment (constituent documents, agreements (contracts) on industrial cooperation, joint production and other types of joint investment, concession agreements, etc.);
  • copy of the certificate of registration in the Unified State Register;
  • copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • documents proving the value of foreign investments;
  • power of attorney for the authority to submit the above documents.

The state registration authority shall consider the documents submitted within 7 days and shall make a decision on the registration of foreign investments or refusal of registration.

The state registration of foreign investments is made ​​by assigning the information notice registration number by the authority of state registration which is signed by the officer on all three copies and sealed with the stamp of state registration authority, and making the appropriate record into the register. The first copy of an information notice is returned to the applicant as confirmation of state registration of foreign investments, the second is sent to the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine, and the third remains in state registration authority.

The state registration authority is the Department of Economics and Investment at the Kyiv city state administration, the city center providing administrative services located at the address: 19-B, Dniprovska Naberejna, Kyiv.