Legal entities and Businessmen

According to the Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" dated 15.05.2003 № 755-IV, state registration of legal entities and individual businessmen (hereinafter - the "Registration") – is certifying the fact of establishment or termination of a legal entity irrespective of legal form, ownership and subordination, certifying the fact of acquisition or deprivation of the status of the individual entrepreneur, and also any other registration activities pursuant to this Law by making appropriate entries in the Unified State Register.
The state registration of legal entities is executed by the state registrar at the location of the legal entity.
Documents are to be submitted (sent by mail or electronic document) to the state registrar in accordance with the provisions of this Law shall be set out in the state language.
Registration Card is filled in typing or with block letters. If the documents are sent by mail to the state registrar, the signature on the applicant’s registration card (application, statement) must be certified by the notary.
Constituent documents of a legal entity and changes thereto shall be set forth in writing, numbered, stitched together and signed by the founders (participants) or authorized persons unless the law stipulates the other procedure for their approval.

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