Protection of Employees' Rights

As of today in Ukraine there are more and more cases of violations of labor and other social rights. In particular, late payment of wages, sending workers on forced unpaid leave, cases of illegal dismissals are widespread nowadays.

Protection of rights and interests of workers in labor law means a series of substantive measures, organizational and procedural ways for suppression and prevention of violations of labor laws, renewal of violated labor rights and compensation of damage arising from this.

Law Net provides professional legal assistance to the clients on the following:

  • Providing oral and written advice;
  • Invalidation of collective agreements and labor contracts that worsen the situation of workers in comparison with labor laws;
  • Reinstatement at previous job position of the employees being illegally dismissed or transferred to another place of work;
  • Appeal against disciplinary action imposed by the employer;
  • Appeal against unjustified refusal to hire the employee;
  • Changing formulation of the reasons of dismissal;
  • Admission to work the employees illegally removed from it;
  • Recovery of unpaid amounts of salary and other payments due to the employee.
  • Compensation for damages caused by injury at work.