Law Enforcement

According to Article 124 of the Constitution of Ukraine court resolutions are mandatory for execution on the territory of Ukraine. However in practice for the proper law enforcement hard work has to be done.

In case of refusal of the debtor's voluntary execution, law enforcement of judgments in Ukraine is carried out by the state executive authority.

Analysis of the law enforcement in Ukraine in most cases confirms the axiom that the absence of qualified support of the law enforcement minimizes the prospect of full enforcement of court decision.

For successful enforcement of court decision LAW NET company offers services in representation rights and legitimate interests of clients at every stage of the proceedings, including our attorneys at law provide the following services within support of the law enforcement:

  • providing verbal and written advice on matters relating to enforcement proceedings;
  • development tactics of enforcement, the evaluation of prospects;
  • the initiation of enforcement proceedings;
  • delay / installment of enforcement of court decisions, changes of the method and manner of their implementation;
  • initialization of seizure of property and money of the debtor;
  • continuous monitoring of the enforcement of the decision;
  • representing the interests of  individuals and legal entities in enforcement proceedings (either collector or debtor)
  • preparation of necessary documents (requests, applications, cover letters, etc.) for enforcement of court decision;
  • appeal against actions (inaction) of executive authority;
  • closing of the law enforcement.