Pre-trial Investigation

Professionalism of attorney at law involved in criminal cases at pre-trial investigation stage significantly affects the further development of the criminal case. Qualification of final act, changing the procedural status of the client, and the possibility of closing the criminal case at this stage of the process depend much on the lawyer actions.

In addition, the presence of the attorney at law at pre-trial investigation stage is very important and in some way affects the behavior of investigator, obliges him to act within his powers and excludes psychological and physical pressure on the defendant, witness or victim.

At the stage of pre-trial investigation attorneys at law of LAW NET provide the following legal assistance:

  • to the persons with procedural status of witness, the victim;
  • advice on first interrogation of the defendant;
  • development of defense prosecution;
  • defence of  the rights and interests of the defendant;
  • participation in investigation proceedings involving defendant (interrogations, confrontations investigative experiments, searches, etc.)
  • visiting defendant in investigatory isolation ward;
  • preparation and submission of legal documents;
  • appeal against selected preclusion;
  • appeal against unlawful actions of  investigators.

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